Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blogging Without Obligation: BWO

What a great idea! I am released from blogger's guilt, from writer's whingings, from posting pain! Yaya!

Now, on to business. My business: I just made some beautiful new Cauldron Splashes® just in time for Spring! Maiden & Greenman. They are both gorgeous and if you buy them both, shipping is free. They cost $15.00 each.
Cauldron Splashes® are really a liquid incense that you use in your cauldron. You only use a small amount at a time, a teaspoon or so. Swirl it around your cauldron & light with a LONG match or fireplace lighter. They are VERY flammable.
Maiden is made from coconut oil with Rosebuds, Patchouli, Rosehips, Lady' Mantle & other herbs. It is tinted a pale pink. A small goddess charm is tied around the neck of the bottle.
Greenman Cauldron Splash®
Greenman is made from Sweet Almond Oil with Fir Tips, a small High John the Conqueror root, Balsam, Tolu Balsam resin & Oak Moss. It is lightly tinted green. A little Greenman charm is tied around the bottle neck.

Maiden Cauldron Splash®

They come in a four ounce glass bottle with a cork, sealed with food-grade corking wax.

I am also busy, busy, busy getting ready for the vending season. This year I will be at the Sacred Spaces Conference in Maryland in March.
In May I will be at Blue Ridge Beltane Festival near Staunton, Virginia.
In June I will be at Pagan Spirit Gathering 2012 in Wisconsin!! It is 8 days long. I have never vended for that length of time & I am so excited!
Then in September I hope to be at Mountain Mysteries Maybon Festival in Stannardsville, Va and last but not least I think I will apply to vend in Roanoke(Virginia) at their Pagan Pride Festival. Last Year we went up to Northern Virginia for PPD but that is a haul and means I have to stay in a hotel the night before so I may swap local for that.
So,  I must dash off & stir the cauldron, keep making brews & get ready for vending season!