Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What to do, what to do...?

I am having artist angst. Or creativity block or something. I am just not feeling the energy. Mother Moon wrote about Blue Monday (which was yesterday) and it being the worst day of the year. I think January drags on, winter is still here & spring seems far away. I don't believe that a day has any inherent "bad" properties so Blue Monday is no more bad than Friday the 13th is.
But I am having some really bad days. Draggy, droopy and sometimes I even feel a bit disoriented. I wake up & have to remind myself that it is a Tuesday. I have ruled out Alzheimer's, brain tumors or drug burn out. I just cannot seem to think up anything new! I am way behind with Imbolc, just getting oils & cauldron splashes out yesterday! Gaagh! I think I will reduce them today. I can ship them to you in time for Imbolc but why am I so behind?

Okay. I am now plucking up. And  yes, I DID say plucking. I am going to sit down & do some artistic shamanizing. I have a mental rabbit hole that I can scoot down & find new ideas. The really great shamans retrieve souls-I retrieve ideas. I can't heal, nor do I want to try but I can create.
Okay... I do feel a bit better. I am off to work. Ostara here I come.


Wendy S. said...

Sometimes, we just have to let the cauldron empty before we get new inspiration and most certainly I can't imagine how you manage to come out with so many fantatic new magickal items all the time. Mars is also in retrograde which slows down our passion and energy. Perhaps some items dedicated to the postivie side of masculinity within/the warrior?