Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What to do, what to do...?

I am having artist angst. Or creativity block or something. I am just not feeling the energy. Mother Moon wrote about Blue Monday (which was yesterday) and it being the worst day of the year. I think January drags on, winter is still here & spring seems far away. I don't believe that a day has any inherent "bad" properties so Blue Monday is no more bad than Friday the 13th is.
But I am having some really bad days. Draggy, droopy and sometimes I even feel a bit disoriented. I wake up & have to remind myself that it is a Tuesday. I have ruled out Alzheimer's, brain tumors or drug burn out. I just cannot seem to think up anything new! I am way behind with Imbolc, just getting oils & cauldron splashes out yesterday! Gaagh! I think I will reduce them today. I can ship them to you in time for Imbolc but why am I so behind?

Okay. I am now plucking up. And  yes, I DID say plucking. I am going to sit down & do some artistic shamanizing. I have a mental rabbit hole that I can scoot down & find new ideas. The really great shamans retrieve souls-I retrieve ideas. I can't heal, nor do I want to try but I can create.
Okay... I do feel a bit better. I am off to work. Ostara here I come.